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Sheet Vinyl flooring is a budget-friendly alternative to other hard surface floors. Its resistance to water makes it a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or other high moisture areas of your home.

Benefits of Sheet Vinyl

Affordability – Sheet vinyl is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood or tile.

Water Resistance – A professionally installed sheet vinyl floor is generally impervious to water.

Low Maintenance – Sheet vinyl is very easy to care for. Generally, sweeping and mopping are all that is needed to keep your floor looking great for years.

Durability – With proper care, most sheet vinyl will last a minimum of 10 to 20 years. As with all products, an active family and pets can shorten the life of your flooring.

Stain Resistance – Sheet vinyl has a protective wear layer protects your floors from everyday spills and stains.

Design – From tile looks to wood looks to unique patterns to suit your tastes, the possibilities are endless with sheet vinyl flooring.

Versatility – Sheet vinyl can be installed in any area of your home over any type of subfloor as long as it is smooth, flat and dry.

Things to consider…

Subfloor – As mentioned above, you must have a smooth, flat and dry surface on which to install sheet vinyl. Any imperfections in the subfloor or debris under the vinyl can show through.

Rips and tears – Sheet vinyl is susceptible to damage from dropped items or dragging furniture. While this can be repaired, it’s not always easy without having more of the original material to make a patch. Also, it is important to note that patches will have more seams, which makes it more permeable to water.

Fading/Discoloration – Direct sunlight can cause the color to fade over time. Vinyl is susceptible to chemical stains, especially from rubber. Also, lower quality vinyl has a tendency to yellow with age.

Ecological Impact – Vinyl is non-biodegradable, and is not generally recyclable.

While these issues are not common, it is important to know what to expect when you buy. Most dealers don’t want you to know the potential negative aspects of your purchase. At Columbia Floor Source, we believe in being open and honest with our customers in order to build trust that will last a lifetime.

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Hub Plott
Hub Plott
19:52 22 Apr 20
Great price and quick installation. They made it as painless as possible. The work was completed quickly and expertly. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for flooring. You will get good work and products done at a very fair price!read more
Kinsey Faucette
Kinsey Faucette
15:29 02 Oct 19
Great prices and friendly staff!
Private Review
Private Review
02:29 30 Jul 19
Unfortunately, this was a terrible experience. I met with the owner and he lied to me on numerous occasions, and proceeded to blame is staff every time he was confronted. He spent the entire time I was at his store trying to spend thousands of dollars with him on his phone not even paying attention to me. He is only after money and making himself look good. Do yourself a favor and find somewhere else. Don’t be pulled in by the cheap prices. The service you get is not worth. I am still waiting on my floors to be installed this to paid for weeks ago, and was promised they would be installed on a certain date. That date has been moved 3 times and now won’t take my calls. I will be going to the better business bureau. Stay more
Hugh Hugh
Hugh Hugh
13:28 25 Jun 19
Great costumer service, affordable price. Quality materials
mona norris
mona norris
15:08 10 Jun 19
Excellent service and materials. Good prices.
Xaque Williams
Xaque Williams
23:57 01 May 19
This really needs to be a 6/5 stars! From the moment I walked in the door Steven was helpful and welcoming. He was able to show me a product that was in my price range and gave me a quote. I left and came back later that day to purchase and they had all my info on hand. They actually got me a better carpet for a few dollars less than originally quoted! They were able to set up for installation within the short time frame I needed without extra cost. The guys who came out to install did a very fast and professional job! Excellent work! Excellent experience with this company! Would buy here again and recommend to a friend or family member 11/10! Thanks Columbia floor source!!!read more
Brooke Beach
Brooke Beach
23:00 28 Feb 19
Columbia Floor Source did an excellent job replacing all the floors downstairs and my hallway upstairs. The wood floors were completed in two days. They moved our furniture and put everything back properly. Everyone was extremely nice and polite. I highly recommend this company if you are replacing your floors. The price was extremely low compared to other companies and they did an EXCELLENT job!read more
Amy Holland
Amy Holland
21:01 22 Feb 19
I drive by this place every day. Looks like a warehouse but I decided to go in. It's very nice inside. Very friendly staff. Selection was great! They came out free of charge and gave me an estimate the same day. Their price was the best by far!read more
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson
17:31 05 Feb 19
After wasting a month dealing with Lowes, we decided to try a locally owned shop. Wow! Great customer service! They are extremely knowledgeable, honest, and fairly priced. The flooring looks great, and the workmanship was above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommended!read more
Craig Jackson
Craig Jackson
17:16 31 Jan 19
This place was very clean and the owner made .me feel welcome.they had very reasonable prices.very nice people.
Blane Mays
Blane Mays
14:30 06 Dec 18
Great price and selection. Dustin Carlsen is professional and very informative. Great place for all your flooring needs.
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